Monday 27 May 2019

Study for swimming pool in Fingal begins

September full council meeting

John Manning

A feasibility study on providing a public swimming pool in Fingal is underway and will be conducted in two phases, according to Fingal County Council.

Cllr Duncan Smith (Lab) asked for an update on the progress of the study, at this month's meeting of the full council.

Fingal County Council issued a written response laying out the process ahead for the study.

The council report stated: 'The assessment of a need for a multi-purpose sports facility to possibly include a swimming pool for the North of the County has commenced and is being carried out by the Community, Culture & Sports Division in two phases.

'The objective of Phase one is to establish base-line data, by carrying out a mapping exercise including an Audit of Facilities (Sports, Community etc., public and private) and a Gap Analysis in the Swords/Balbriggan Electoral Area, which will be robust, evidence based and future proofed.'

The council explained: 'Phase 2 will entail a feasibility study that will assess funding opportunities, profitability, future business growth, operational models and all other aspects of a facility feasibility study. A market soundings exercise has been carried out with two companies. This process has been beneficial in determining matters to be covered in the tender process such as future proofing any strategic decisions based on population demographics, the need to examine the quality and condition of existing premises as well as usage profile, business and operating models, range of sports/leisure activities to be provided, impact of displacement from existing facilities etc.'

The next step is to prepare the tender documentation for Phase 1 and the Gap Analysis will begin in the New year.

Fingal Independent