Thursday 14 December 2017

Strong increase in marriages in Fingal

The biggest increase in marriages in the State was recorded in Fingal
The biggest increase in marriages in the State was recorded in Fingal

John Manning

The institution of marriage is alive and well and living in Fingal, judging by the latest series of statistics released from Census 2016 which records the biggest increase in marriage in the State, happening in this region.

Fingal shows the highest percentage change of married people up by 10 per cent from 103,902 in 2011 to 114,249 in 2016 while the total population of Fingal increased by a lower eight per cent over the same period. The other counties with large increases were in the greater Dublin area and Galway City.

The counties of Tipperary, Offaly and Mayo showed the smallest increases in the numbers married up just over 1 per cent.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has now published 'Profile 4 Households and Families', the latest of the eleven Census 2016 profile reports.

The report shows that there were 1,218,370 families in the State on Census Night, an increase of 3.3% since 2011. The number of children per family remained unchanged at 1.38 children since the 2011 census.

Deirdre Cullen, Senior Statistician: 'This profile report on Households and Families examines the family situations and living arrangements of the Irish population in April 2016. It provides a wealth of information and analysis on topics such as marital status, same sex civil partnerships and the different types and sizes of family composition and households.'

Married people are in the majority in people in Fingal aged over 15 with some 49.1% of our population of that age, in their first marriage. Some 39.1% of us remain single while only 3% are divorced and 3.6% are widowed.

Drilling down into the divorce figures for Fingal, Census 2016 shows that divorced men in Fingal are more likely to remarry than their female counterparts.

Almost half of the divorced men in the region remarried while only 29.9% of divorced women in Fingal chose to get married again.

Fingal recorded some 279 same-sex civil partnerships in the 2016 Census.

Some 15,257 people live alone in Fingal and more than a third of those are aged over 65 years.

Nationally, there was a greater percentage of single people than in Fingal, at 41.1% while the number of married people in the state increased at only half the rate seen in Fingal, at some 4.9%.

Across the State, by age 33, females were more likely to be married than single, while it was 35 for males.

The number of separated and divorced people increased nationally to 222,073 (+8.9%) since April 2011. There were 127,149 separated or divorced women and 94,924 males. The peak age for separation and divorce was 53. One fifth of divorced/separated men lived in households with children, compared to over 50% of women. Census 2016 also showed that 61,729 persons were remarried, an increase of 17.1%.

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