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State seizes ?67,000 cash from local man

David Higgins (27), Hampton Woods, Ballbriggan who had been arrested on suspicion of money laundering in April didn?t contest the application at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for

forfeiture of the cash.

Mr Kerida Naidoo BL, prosecuting, read an affidavit to Judge Katherine Delahunt in which Garda Jim McDermot said that a search of Higgins? home last April revealed two separate stashes of ?60,000 and ?7,070 cash which were wrapped in plastic.

Garda McDermot said in his affidavit that Higgins wasn?t able to offer any explanation for the money.

He said that during a surveillance operation in July 2006 gardaĆ­ had seen men who were later caught with ?70,000 worth of cocaine leaving Higgins? home.

The fingerprints of one of these men were found on one of the bundles of cash discovered at his address last April.

Garda McDermot also stated that gardai were satisfied that Higgins had close associates and was friends with a number of people involved in drug dealing.

Mr Naidoo submitted to Judge Delahunt that ?on the balance of probabilities it seems this money was the proceeds of crime, particularly drug dealing? and should be forfeited.

Judge Delahunt agreed to the request and directed that the sum of ?67,070 be confiscated and forfeited to the State.