Sunday 20 October 2019

St Marnock's hopes to retain Catholic ethos

St Marnock's NS
St Marnock's NS

A letter from a Portmarnock primary school to parents warned that 'stories of the First Christmas' and of 'Irish Saints' would no longer be possible to tell in the school if it is divested of its Catholic ethos.

St Marnock's NS in Portmarnock is one of the eight schools that may become a non-denominational school under a process now underway in the area.

The school's Board of Management has set its face against the move in a letter to parents saying it is 'proud' of its ethos and does not want that to change.

The letter states: 'We at St Marnock's NS are very proud of our ethos and culture which has been carefully nurtured and developed over time.'

Defending its Catholic ethos, the school Board of Management said: 'These links between parish and school have a positive impact on the children in our care, giving them a sense of connection to their locality and to the wider community of Portmanock.'

The school rejects the notion that its ethos is not 'inclusive' and the board of management state: 'As a Catholic school in the parish of Portmarnock since 1868, we have consistently strived to be a caring and inclusive community, always welcoming children of all religions, embracing them into our school community in a sensitive and caring way.'

The school said its admissions policy no longer includes a 'baptism barrier'.

Several information sessions for parents were held at the school, last week.

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