Monday 23 April 2018

Speed ramps planned in Chapel Gate area

NOW that the council has resolved a dispute with local residents over street parking in Chapel Gate, it is moving to implement the second phase of its agreement with residents by installing speed ramps in the area.

A plan to install two new speed ramps along Chapel Gate and Naul Road in Balbriggan is to go on public display and is part of a two-part agreement reached between the council and Chapel Gate residents.

The council's initial plan for the area involved removing on-street parking for residents to improve traffic flow in the area but residents objected both to the loss of their car parking and raised concerns that traffic speeds would increase in the area as a result of the measures.

A compromise was reached to provide resident's parking on the opposite side of the street and to install traffic calming measures to counteract any increase in traffic speed that might result from the effective widening of the available road for moving traffic.

Fingal Independent