Friday 17 November 2017

Sinnott hoping to bring Finglas and Santry into the fold a bit more

Justin Sinnott with Darragh Butler
Justin Sinnott with Darragh Butler

INDEPENDENT councillor Justin Sinnott says he wants to be the bridge that brings Northwood and Santry closer to Swords.

Cllr. Sinnott, who was elected last Monday evening after the final 17th count when he received 1,190 votes. Despite not reaching the quota of 1,406 votes, Cllr. Sinnott was deemed elected along with five other candidates after Fine Gael's Bob Dowling was eliminated.

'It was worth the journey,' Cllr. Sinnott told the Fingal Independent. 'I put a lot of work into my canvassing and I am delighted to get the reward.'

He said that even if he was not elected, the experience was brilliant and that he got a lot out of it.

'I hadn't disgraced myself,' he said.

He said he has a 'modest amount of goals' to achieve in the next five years as he does not want to stand on making empty promises.

One such goal is to make Finglas and Santry feel part of Swords. 'This is going to be a big challenge,' he said adding that Cllr. Darragh Butler (FF) did good work in Finglas.

'One tangible goal is to have a footpath put in place in Knocksedan estate.

'This estate was built during the boom times and they really want and need a footpath in the estate.'

He also said he is going to try and change conference and training expenses within the council.

'In the last five years, €300,000 was spent on conferences and training. I am going to fight this and if councillors want to get trained in or attend conferences, they should use their own money. This is because I see it that we are constantly being told there isn't money for ramps, footpaths or to fix roads. So the rule of thumb should be that if we can't afford essentials such as footpaths, then we can't afford conferences,' he said.

Cllr. Sinnott, of Parklands in Northwood, is also proposing that each of the 40 councillors donate €1,000 each for community projects – to give something back to the community.

'If this happens, then 80 community groups can benefit from €500 each,' he said.

'I am expecting a bit of resistance with this one but it's a privileged position to be a councillor so we should be giving something back to the community.'

Cllr. Sinnott has been chairperson of the Parkland Residents' Committee and feels Fingal County Council needs a fresh approach.

'Fresh ideas and more than just good intentions is what is needed,' he said.

He said he wants to ensure Fingal County Council is at the forefront of and actively supports initiatives that will stimulate the North Dublin economy and that encourage employment and local business development in the area.

'Supporting local businesses will provide new opportunities for local people and the Council must create a business-friendly environment to support new jobs,' he said.

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