Friday 15 November 2019

Sheriff to be briefed on polling problems

Some voters reported problems regarding polling stations during the Lisbon Referendum.
Some voters reported problems regarding polling stations during the Lisbon Referendum.


THE council is to pass information on to the County Sheriff from councillors who have reported various problems around the county with polling in the local elections and Lisbon referendum, this year.

The issue was raised by Cllr Kieran Dennison (FG) who asked why some Fingal voters had to attend a different polling station for the referendum than the one they used in the local elections. He also asked why so many voters did not receive polling cards and why some polling cards had incorrect numbers.

The local authority explained: 'The referendum poll was held along the Dail Constituency boundaries rather than the Local Electoral boundaries. Hence some voters would be required to attend an alternative polling location.

Polling cards were coordinated by the Department of Environment Heritage and Local Government in conjunction with the County Returning Officer with Fingal County Council provided the information for printing to the designated printer.

The council said: 'Given the number of polling cards issued, the franchise section of the council received a tiny number of queries.

'The majority of the callers informed staff that they had discarded the entire information booklet not realising that the first page was the polling information card.

'All callers were informed that a Polling Card gave the recipient the information of when and where to vote but not having one was no obstacle to voting.'

The local authority said: 'No complaints regarding incorrect Polling Number were received from individual members of the public.'

On the subject of voting locations, the council agreed to pass on any feedback from councillors on alternative locations for polling stations to the sheriff.