Tuesday 23 July 2019

Sharp increases seen in violent crimes in the Balbriggan and North Fingal districts

Final 2018 report from Fingal Joint Policing Committee

Crime statistics recently released by the Fingal Joint Policing Committee show an alarming increase in serious crime in the Balbriggan/north Fingal area.

Figures were based on the period between January 1 2018 and October 31 2018 compared to the same period in 2017, and reveal startling increases in serious crime including assault, robbery, public order incidents, domestic violence and incidents of domestic dispute.

Public order offences also showed an alarming increase of 37% based on the same period for 2017 (132 incidents vs 181 for 2018), while robbery showed an increase of 50% (10 incidents vs 15 for 2018). Mobile phone theft accounted for one fifth of these robberies.

Assault causing harm increased by 30% last year (27 incidents vs 35 for 2018), with 16 of these offences involving a 'domestic violence motive'.

Other crimes including domestic violence, showed a shocking 219% increase on the same period in 2017 (94 incidents vs 300 for 2018), and domestic dispute incidents 'no offence disclosed', showing an increase of 37% (148 incidents vs 196 for 2018).

Under 'Garda Patrol Activity' however, the report showed that positive work was being carried out on by Gardai on the ground to combat crime in the area. 'Possession of Drugs for Sale' saw a detection rate of 57%; Possession of Drugs for Personal Use had a detection rate of 75%; and 'Offensive Weapon' detection was 81%.

This shows the positive work Gardai are carrying out on the ground, despite limited resources.

Despite an overall increase in crime for the area, figures also showed a reduction in other crime, notably aggravated burglary (-33%); robbery from establishments (-40%); 'Theft from person' (-11%).

All statistics are subject to approval by the Central Statistics Offic. Gardai continued to liaise with the community during this period, holding an Open Day in September 2018.

Fingal Independent