Saturday 20 January 2018

Sewage spill at Balbriggan

THE FINGAL Green Party said it was 'aghast' at the failures that led to a sewage spill at Balbriggan Beach and have sharply criticised Fingal County Council's handling of the incident.

The party said that the people of Balbriggan had been denied the use of their beloved beach because of an 'uncontrolled sewage spill that started earlier in the week and which had not been noticed by Fingal County Council for over 26 hours'. Local members of the Fingal Green Party helped to spread the word of the spill and beach closure by email and Twitter earlier in the week but were 'aghast' to learn of the extent of the catastrophe. Zoe Nelson, a Balbriggan- based member of the Fingal Greens, said: ' That the pumping station had failed we can understand but that the alarm system also failed and was not wired up to a UPS system is unfathomable.' The local party said the warnings put up on the beach about the incident by the council were inadequate. Ms Nelson explained: ' Fingal County Council have erected a single pathetically A4 size sign on the notice board, which is not even dated.

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