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Sea Scouts lend a helping hand


The Sea Scouts base in Malahide

The Sea Scouts base in Malahide

The Sea Scouts base in Malahide


The young members of Malahide Sea Scouts are playing their own role in the battle against COVID-19 by reaching out to elderly people in the community and providing a vital service for the town.

Malahide Sea Scouts is now collecting shopping and prescriptions for the elderly and providing important social contact for the self-isolated in an effort to lessen the burden of the COVID-19 crisis.

John Butterly, Group Leader with Malahide Sea Scouts explains: 'We've a big Sea Scout group and we've a lot of leaders, so we pulled together a group of our leaders, and we've over 50 leaders that have signed up to provide support and help to people who need it in our community, so the elderly, healthcare workers etc.

'We've been trying to get the message out there that we're available to help. A big part of it is that we're part of Scouting Ireland, we're garda-vetted and we're insured though Scouting Ireland. So we've linked up with the Covid-19 Fingal Community Response Forum and registered with them as a local group to provide that help and support.'

John says: 'We're in Malahide a hundred years, so there's a lot of past members who may not live in the area anymore, and we've reached out to them. Some people may not feel that they're in need or that they want to contact the Fingal Forum, but they might be happy for the scout group just to call in, whether it's delivering shopping or doing some sort of work for them, so we're trying to reach out to them.'

John says the Malahide Sea Scouts are also reaching out to elderly people at their homes by offering a spot of light gardening, a friendly chat or even taking the dog for a walk, all within the confines of social distancing.

As John says, the service - which also caters for healthcare workers - is the group's way of giving something back to the Malahide community, which has supported Malahide Sea Scouts so well over the years:

'We'll keep it going as long as there's a need and it's really just to get people through these times; we've been in Malahide for 100 years and we've been massively supported by the community, so we just feel it's time to give back and we'll keep doing it as long as there's a need for us to do it.'

To contact Malahide Sea Scouts about the service, email: or Phone: 0851176621.