Tuesday 16 July 2019

School transport policy is laid out

According to the Department of Education and Skills' policy on providing school transport for those with special needs, there are number of criteria to be satisfied before that transport is provided.

The policy states that the child must 'have special educational needs arising from a diagnosed disability in accordance with the designation of high and low incidence disability set out in Department of Education and Skill's (DES) Circular 02/05

and are attending the nearest recognised: mainstream school, special class/special school or a unit, that is or can be resourced, to meet their special educational needs.'

According to the department, eligibility is determined following consultation with the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) through its network of Special Education Needs Organisers (SENO).

Decisions regarding transport eligibility will be based on the prevailing circumstances at the time of first enrolment, according to the policy.

Eligible children will retain their eligibility while they remain enrolled in the special class/special school or unit, the policy states.

Fingal Independent