Monday 10 December 2018

Ryan concerned at Burrow fire

John Manning

The breakout of a fire at the Burrow in Portrane had sparked concerns over local access to fire hydrants. Following the breakout of a fire in the Burrow Portrane, last week, Labour Party TD for Fingal, Brendan Ryan has called on Fingal County Council to carry out a full investigation on the location and accessibility of fire hydrants in the area. 

Deputy Ryan told the Fingal Independent  that upon arrival at the scene, Dublin Fire Brigade had difficulty locating the appropriate fire hydrants, 'as a number were covered in concrete or left unmarked'.

Deputy Ryan expressed his frustration at the situation and urged Fingal County Council to investigate the issue immediately, to 'ensure that lives are not put at risk'.

The local TD also communicated his concern for residents of the Burrow as they continue to battle to protect their homes from coastal erosion in the area, which he says 'has now reached crisis level'. 

Minister of State for the Office of Public Works and Flooding, Kevin Boxer Moran recently described the situation in the Burrow as 'one of the worst cases I have ever seen'. 

Deputy Ryan said the recent outbreak of fire 'will only add further distress to residents of this area, who are already concerned about coastal erosion'.  He said: 'The lack of accessibility to fire hydrants poses a huge risk to lives in the area and the situation must be rectified immediately.' 

Deputy Ryan has directly contacted Chief Executive of Fingal County Council Paul Reid, to express his urgent concerns about the fire hydrant situation in the Portrane an the council has raised the issue with Dublin Fire Brigade.

Fingal Independent