Sunday 9 December 2018

Rush and Lusk M1 sign needed

Confusing signage on the M1 motorway is leading visitors and tourists to miss the turn for Rush and Lusk, according to a local TD.

Deputy Brendan Ryan, Labour TD for Dublin Fingal has called on Transport Infrastructure Ireland to alter the signage on the Northbound M1 to include Rush and Lusk.

Deputy Ryan said: 'It may not seem the most urgent of requests but for visitors to Lusk and Rush and indeed for residents of the towns receiving guests, this is an ongoing issue. Junction 4 on the M1 is the junction for Lusk and Rush however there is no indication of this at the junction.

'Visitors to the towns, unfamiliar with the directions, are missing the junction and having to exit further up the M1 and track back.'

Deputy Ryan concluded: 'The TII needs to alter these sings. Junction 4 has people exiting for Skerries, Donabate, Sword, Rush and Lusk, however only Donabate and Skerries are explicitly referenced.'

Fingal Independent