Thursday 23 May 2019

Rooster killer was at his 'wit's end'

John Manning

A man who killed his neighbour's rooster by slamming it off a wall because he was at his 'wit's end' with the noise it made has been ordered to comply with the Probation Service before his case is finalised next year.

Joseph Kennedy (49) was brought before Swords District Court on foot of a bench warrant after he failed to appear before the court earlier last year for his case to be finalised.

Previously the court heard the defendant went into his neighbour William Ho's back garden in Portrane, County Dublin at 5am and entered the chicken coop two years ago.

He grabbed the rooster by the neck and struck it off a wall a number of times until it stopped moving and then left the property with the bird.

Mr Hoe witnessed the event and it was captured on CCTV, Swords District Court heard.

Defence solicitor Fiona D'Arcy said Kennedy, who is a full-time carer for his mother, was at his 'wit's end,' with the noise

'The rooster was making noises late at night and in the early mornings and this set his mother, who suffers from dementia and caused her to have episodes.

'When she was having episodes, she'd leave the house and go wandering around the streets,' said Ms D'Arcy.

Kennedy, of The Back Field, Beach Lane,The Burrow in Portrane had pleaded guilty to cruelty to the rooster on June 2, 2016 at Beach Lane, under Section 12 of the Animal Health and Welfare Act, 2013.

Ms D'Arcy explained to the court Kennedy didn't bring a civil action over the noise the Rooster was making because he is dyslexic.

'He was at his wits end and now knows he should have issued civil proceedings,"'said Ms D'Arcy.

When asked by Judge Dermot Dempsey what happened to the Rooster, the defendant claimed the Rooster fled the scene after he banged it off the wall.

Ms D'Arcy said the father-of-one, who used to own his own catering company, had to give up work to care for his mother 24 hours a day.

The defendant was found unsuitable for community service work by the Probation Service as he is a full-time carer.

And after the warrant was executed by appointment before Swords District Court, Judge Dempsey adjourned the case for finalisation on January 8 next year.

Judge Dempsey concluded by warning the defendant to comply with the Probation Service.

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