Tuesday 15 October 2019

Road safety concern sparks public meeting

Public meeting called to discuss road safety on the peninsula

John Manning

A public meeting has been sparked in Donabate by increasing fears over road safety in the issue.

According to the Donabate and Portrane Community Council: 'The dangerous condition that roads and footpaths in Donabate are in due to construction traffic has prompted the calling of a public meeting.'

Donabate Portrane Community Council has invited councillors and members of the community to a public meeting in the Parish Hall, Donabate, on Tuesday, February 26, at 8pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a moratorium on the granting of planning permission by the local authority on large-scale planning applications in the area.

The community council wants a ban on new planning permissions being granted for large-scale projects until as the Donabate Distributor Road is complete and the existing road at the railway bridge has been widened, which is a condition attached to the granting of permission for the National Forensic Mental Health Hospital in Protrane by An Bord Pleanála.

A spokesperson for the community council said: 'We are asking the community to attend this meeting so that our voices can be heard by elected local representatives and nominees for the upcoming local elections."'

The format of the meeting will be one where priority speaking time at the meeting will be given to members of the community, rather than to speeches by politicians and aspiring politicians.

'Construction traffic is compromising the road safety of the community,' the spokesperson added.

'This is evidenced by the state the roads are being left in on a daily basis. It is essential that our voices are heard loud and clear.'

Donabate Portrane Community Council said the small peninsula, which has narrow roads, was unable to cope with the volume of construction activity it is being subjected to at the moment. The community council said that the 'poor state of the roads, and the chronic infrastructure deficit in the area' had led it to call on Fingal County Council to call a halt to all new large-scale construction work on the peninsula.

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