Friday 19 July 2019

Residents aired 'health and safety concerns'

RESIDENTS AIRED their concerns about developers Coalport's two years ago, claiming among things that they had demonstrated a 'poor attitude to health and safety concerns' when it was building the Cloch Choirneal estate in Balrothery, just outside Balbriggan.

The residents from Cloch Choirneal lodged objections to the application from Coalport when the developers were seeking to retain the foundations of four houses and to complete the units approved under the initial planning application but which were not built. The five-year statutory time limit for their construction expired. The developer was subsequently requested to submit additional information but the application fell when it failed to lodge the documents within the timeframe allowed. In the planning files, one resident claimed Coalport had 'shown disregard for Fingal County Council's existing planning rules'. The resident claimed that Coalport spent two weeks in October 2008 laying foundations and then abandoned the site without putting in place adequate security endangering local children drawn to this site'. In another objection, residents claimed that the foundations 'currently built on the site are of poor quality and should be examined by an engineer to validate their ability to support the structures proposed'. Another resident claimed that the Coalport Building Company had 'caused much distress to residents in Cloch Choirneal, many of whom have had to contend with bad drainage systems, failing sewage systems, bad plumbing heating and a host of other issues'. The residents stated that they were obliged to work with Fingal County council's planning enforcement section for over two years in an effort to compel Coalport to complete the landscaping of the green areas in Cloch Choirneal. 'Only after legal action was taken by Fingal County Council did Coalport carry out the work.' And another claimed: ' Coalport Building Company, both in Balrothery and at their other developments have demonstrated a poor attitude to health and safety concerns. It has taken many years of direct complaints by residents and, after lack of action by Coalport, complaints to Fingal County Council and the Health and Safety Executive, before appropriate measures have been taken by Coalpiort to secure the site.'