Monday 17 December 2018

Reader donates to Rush ASD unit

A Fingal Independent reader has made a generous donation to the ASD unit for children on the autism spectrum at the St Catherine's NS in Rush.

Recently, the Fingal Independent featured the school's bid to raise €30,000 to develop the unit.

St Catherine's National School in Rush is aiming to raise €30,000 to develop its ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) unit, which currently sees 12 children with autism educated at the school in two classes.

The school wants to develop an outside safe playing area with soft surfaces alongside the unit and a cheque for €5,000 generously donated by the Progressive Credit Union started the fundraising ball rolling which has now been added to by a reader of the Fingal Independent who saw our article on the fundraising campaign.

The school informed the Fingal Indepenent that a donation of €1,000 has been gratefully received by the school from a relative of a pupil, after reading about the school's plans to develop its ASD unit.

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