Friday 19 January 2018

Project provides grassroots support for young people

THE founding director of Headstrong has backed Jigsaw's search for a new home in Balbriggan and explained how vital the services of Jigsaw North Fingal can be to a community.

'Adolescence can be a turbulent time and the system is weakest where it needs to be strongest,' according to Dr Tony Bates, Founding Director of Headstrong.

He added: 'Jigsaw North Fingal has been a real team effort. We are now seeing many key agencies working in genuine partnership to improve services and supports for young people.

'If we are to achieve meaningful change we must all work together more effectively. In its absence we will continue to fail our young people. Jigsaw North Fingal is a hopeful step in the right direction.

'And it's different because it involves grassroot community supports, combined with professionals and informed by the end users - young people themselves.'

Dr Bates said: 'This is the start of our journey in North Fingal and ensures that by 2016 every young person will have somewhere to turn to and someone to talk to.'

Fingal Independent

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