Tuesday 21 November 2017

Process begins for Balleally change


THE PROCESS to change the name of Balleally Lane in Lusk to Racecourse Commons has begun.

Councillors on the local area committee have agreed to begin the process to change the name of the lane at the request of the residents. The council explained the procedure for the name change, saying: ' The change of a road name can be requested by any individual residents group or body in an area with an interest in the area concerned or a councillor by way of a motion to the appropriate committee.

'When a request is made it is considered by the appropriate committee and the committee may recommend that the council resolve to hold a statutory plebiscite. A decision to hold a plebiscite is a reserved function. 'The taking of a plebiscite involves publication of a notice in a newspaper circulating in the area and the issue of Ballot Papers to 'qualified electors' by registered post. Before the Council is requested to undertake a plebiscite, there should be a reasonable prospect that the name change proposed is acceptable to a substantial majority of the residents of the area concerned.

'It should be noted that, in accordance with Section 67(i) of the Local Government Act 1994 the majority of the 'qualified electors' on the road must vote in favour of the proposed change of name before the council can change the name. 'A petition was received from residents of Balleally Lane, Lusk requesting that the laneway be renamed as Racecourse Commons.'

Cllr Ken Farrell (Lab) asked that the council not wait until the new year when there is a new register of electors but proceed with the process immediately.

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