Friday 20 April 2018

President gives seal of approval to Skerries volunteers

President Higgins honours 'those who chose to dream and to take action'

John Manning

President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins has honoured the dedicated volunteers of Skerries Tidy Towns and the community that supported them in their efforts in winning the National Tidy Towns competition, praising the coastal town's 'spirit of community and togetherness'.

In his second visit to the town since taking office, President Higgins heaped well deserved praise on the local Tidy Towns volunteers,

Talking about the power of volunteerism which thrives in Skerries, President Higgins said: 'Too often in this world we are given the opinion, often without asking, that our small actions, our moral and practical commitments, do not matter. In such a vein of cynicism, there are two different strands of thought: one being that we are all too small to make a difference; the other that small changes do not count as they will always fall short of ideals.

'Well, today we stand here to celebrate the triumph of ideas and collective endeavours over any such passivity or indifference. So let this day be an answer to any apathy or resignation, and be a celebration of those who chose to dream and to take action.'

Fingal Independent