Friday 20 July 2018

Portrane erosion is 'one of the worst cases I have seen'

Coastal erosion at Portrane.
Coastal erosion at Portrane.

The Minister of State with responsibility for flooding and the OPW has said that the coastal erosion at the Burrow in Portane is 'one of the worst I have seen'.

Since making that statement in the Seanad, Minister of State, Kevin Boxer Moran has told local representatives that he will call a special meeting, this week with the council, the OPW, National Parks and Wildlife and other agencies to discuss a way forward in the coastal crisis in Portrane.

Peninsula councillor, Cllr Adrian Henchy (FF) welcomed the move, saying: 'I also understand that in advance of that meeting, talks have taken place at a very senior level between senioror fficials in The Office of Public Works (OPW) and senior officials from Fingal County Council.'

He added: 'I want to very much welcome this initiative from the Minister working with The OPW, Fingal County Council and fully agree that the solutions to this long standing issue can only be resolved with a multi-agency approach from all stakeholders intensively looking at all the options.'

Last week, Minister of State told Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee: 'I have been in Portrane. I identified it as one of the priorities in terms of coastal erosion projects. It is one of the worst I have seen. I met local representative groups, those who are most affected, who are the people I want to protect.'

He warned the Seanad that 'the solution is not simple' but added: 'If we can do something in Portrane, I believe it could be echoed around the entire coast of the country but we have to start thinking outside the box.'

Fingal Independent