Sunday 19 November 2017

Portmarnock team competing in Ukraine

Having already won the 'Young Social Innovators of 2016 and Category Award Winners of 2017', four students from Portmarnock Community School were selected to represent Ireland at the SAGE World Cup held in Odessa, Ukraine.

The talented group of four, is made up of Portmarnock students, Colin Mc Andrew, Ravikanth Gollapalli, Ahmed Jouda and Luke Peyton and their project is called 'Global Citizens Mapping the Future'.

Global Citizens Mapping the Future is a non-profit social enterprise project. They make maps for developing countries. Over the last four years they have mapped Lesotho and have helped tackle challenges such as soil erosion, unemployment, disaster relief and an inadequate emergency service.

They use a website called that allows them to take satellite images to record geographical information such as infrastructure, population densities and land use. Over this period, the students with supporters have generated over 24 million edits for their maps, which has established Lesotho as the most mapped country in all of Africa, and is now an acknowledged model for other developing countries that have seriously inadequate maps.

The students held 24-hour Mapathons (Mapping Marathons). This allowed them to generate big data and organise it into information that has been used to help solve serious challenges in Lesotho. From this, they created specialised maps, reports and new technologies like the emergency services app and a business development website.

SAGE is a non-profit organisation that supports young, emerging entrepreneurs, and provides a platform to showcase their working skills. SAGE has been running for 15 years, it's main function is a competition for young people from around the world. This year it was held in Odessa, Ukraine. 32 countries competed at the world cup. From this, Ireland qualified for the finals alongside Chile, Canada and the USA. Team Ireland presented to a panel of 25 judges in the final, all from different fields in business and education, where they delivered a gold standard performance and achieved the coveted prize of 1st in the World!

In addition to this, the team were awarded four extra gold awards for the Sustainable Development Goals, as SAGE is partnered with the United Nations.

Team Ireland would like to acknowledge the support of parents, teachers, fellow students, friends, Fingal County Council, the Young Social Innovators, IBM, DAA, Action Ireland Trust, WorldWise Global Schools and OpenStreetMap Ireland.

You can learn more about their project on their Social Media through #MapLesotho on their Twitter @globalcitmtf.

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