Thursday 14 December 2017

'Please think of the local community'


THE PROJECT team leading the charge to build a giant sewage plant in Fingal have been pleaded with to 'consider the impact on people and not just the technical merits' of the site it chooses for the controversial project.

The burden on the community that will be asked to host the regional sewage plant was a major theme of the hundreds of submissions and thousands of petition signatures that formed the latest round of public consultation on the project. With one site in Clonshaugh and two in Lusk left in the frame for the project, those affected communities let the Greater Dublin Drainage Project Team know that their communities had suffered enough and could not bear the burden of the planned facility. The project team admitted that in a majority of submissions from the public it was felt that the imposition of one regional plant on a single community was 'inequitable' with one submission saying it was an 'unfair solution to a problem that should be shared by all those responsible'. Residents in Clonshaugh talked about the work in their community to improve the area and spoke about the 'regeneration' of the locality, saying that locals had worked over the years to 'cultivate a safe and comfortable neighbourhood and we are determined that it stays that way'. Residents close to the two Lusk sites on the shortlist for the project spoke of the unique 'character and charm' of the area and how, despite recent growth, the area had remained a 'farming country village'. Submissions from the area said that the project would negatively impact the character of the place which had already been 'overburdened' by unwanted civil projects. The project team said that 'almost all submissions received about the project cited the issue of community overburdening'. One submission defined the problem as the 'cumulative imposition of a negative burden on a community with respect to facilities which are not directly linked or benefitting that community'. A general point was made in many submissions that: ' North County Dublin is constantly prejudicially selected for such large and unwanted projects – there never seems to be any such proposed locations in South County Dublin or Wicklow.' On Lusk in particular, one submission said that 'Lusk had done its part' and that the council had for many years, ' targeted Lusk as a suitable dumping ground for the waste and effluent of Dublin City and County'.

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