Tuesday 21 May 2019

Plans to conserve Drumanagh unveiled

Fingal County Council has outlined its plans to conserve and manage Drumanagh Promontory Fort
Fingal County Council has outlined its plans to conserve and manage Drumanagh Promontory Fort
Plans to conserve Drumanagh have been unveiled

John Manning

The council has outlined its plans to conserve and manage the site of Drumanagh Promontory Fort near Loughshinny after it acquired the archaeologically important site last year for a price tag of around €1 million.

A Draft Conservation and Management Plan has now been developed for the site which will provide the basis for its ongoing management. and the council has already taken steps to try to secure the site and protect it from motorbike scramblers who have caused significant damage to the site over the years.

It is intended to undertake a public consultation on the Draft Conservation and Management Plan beginning later this month for a six week period.

This will include an online consultation process and a public meeting in the local area in February 2018.

The council is taking the risk of further damage at the site through motorcycle scrambling 'extremely seriously', according to its report on the issue, presented to the Balbriggan/Swords Area Committee, last week.

The local authority revealed it had met with gardaí on the issue and erected warning signs at the site and is engaging with local scrambling groups to explain the 'consequences of continued scrambling at the site'.

The council's community archaeologist, Christine Baker outlined the importance of the site, saying that the total span of 'human history' was represented at the site, from the Stone Age to the present day.

'Anyone who has walked there will know the richness of the site,' she said.

She said the site needed to be protected from motorcycles and horses while still allowing full access for pedestrians but said that unauthorised metal detecting would be prohibited at the site.

She said the site would be a 'massive educational resources' for the county and would be integrated into heritage trails to Rush and Skerries. The council also intend to integrate the site into the Fingal Coastal Way greenway. Councillors welcomed the plans for conservation of the site.

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