Wednesday 16 October 2019

Planning for growth

An artist’s impression of the proposed Fosterstown Masterplan development.
An artist’s impression of the proposed Fosterstown Masterplan development.

John Manning

This week sees the launch of a public consultation process on four key masterplans in Swords that will see 10,000 residents added to the town's population over time as well as bringing up to 18,000 jobs to the area.

Speaking about how the masterplans for Barrysparks & Crowscastle, Airside, Estuary West and Fosterstown fit into the council's overall vision for Swords, the council's Director of Planning and Strategic Infrastructure, AnnMarie Farrelly said: 'We've been looking at Swords and how we can develop its potential for a decade or more at this stage.

'The likes of the national planning framework has recognised that Swords has significant growth potential in the Dublin region.

'So we are now delivering a further stage of the vision for the potential of Swords and in population terms, that's about 100,000 people but obviously that kind of growth is going to take place over several decades; it's not going to happen quickly.'

She added: 'We are also planning for significant growth in employment. There's 15,000 jobs in Swords at the moment and obviously we need to see the jobs growth aligning with the growth in population. Swords is a great employment centre and quite a portion of the working population in Swords work in Swords and we want to make sure that continues as Swords grows into a bigger town or city.'

Reassuring residents that the town centre of Swords will remain at its heart as it grows over the next few decades, Ms Farrelly said: 'We want the centre of Swords to remain a key part of the town and we want to continue our investment in the reinvigoration of the town centre built on the significant heritage of Swords.

'And then, aligned with the growth in built environment, we need to plan the development of our green spaces and make sure they are delivered to compliment the growth in housing and jobs and that is well underway as well.'

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