Tuesday 12 December 2017

Permission granted for major shopping centre in Holywell



PLANNING permission has been granted for a major shopping centre in Holywell estate that is understood to have a Tesco supermarket as its likely anchor tenant.

Nucleus Developments have been given the green light for the project which it describes as local community and commercial facilities in a twostorey building, including a medical centre and cafe/restaurant, two local retail units and an anchor retail unit with 'subsidiary alcohol sales'. The proposed development has a floor space of over 5,300 square metres and 299 car parking spaces. The site for the proposed project is to the north of the R125 and south of the roundabout at the junction of the R125 and the Holywell Link Road in the townlands of Crowcastle and Marshallstown. The site is currently undeveloped. Planners initially outlined a number of concerns about the development and recently, Nucleus Developments attempted to answer those concerns by providing additional information. Planners had asked Nucleus to reduce the overall footprint of the development but the developers argued that the scale of the supermarket at the heart of the project was 'appropriate to the requirement of a local centre supermarket'. The site has a local centre zoning. Planners had also asked for a reduction in storage facilities on the site and wanted just 20 per cent of the floor space to be used for that purpose. But Nucleus said that ratio of floor space given over to storage would be 'inefficient, unsustainable and unsuitable'. The developers said: 'Such a building could remain vacant as it would not meet the requirements of a modern retailer.' Planners also had a concern about noise pollution from service yard at the back of the development but Nucleus said the area was enclosed and there would be 'no visual or noise impact associated with the movement of roll cages within the service yard'. The developers also argued against some of the concerns raised by their would-be neighbours in submissions to the council. Some questioned the need for the supermarket, but referring to the council's own future plans for Swords, Nucleus Developments said that the council has noted a ' lack of local convenience retailing facilities' in the area with residents travelling to the Pavilions to do their weekly shop. Nucleus claimed: 'The existing retail facilities in the area provide for day-to-day top-up shopping, however, a supermarket is needed to meet the main food shopping requirements to ensure that the overarching aims of the strategic vision (for Swords) can be achieved.' It said a worsening traffic situation at the Pavilions made these residents continuing to travel there for the weekly shop 'unsustainable'. The developers said the project would compliment existing in businesses in the area, not threaten them.

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