Friday 24 May 2019

Permission for 18,000 homes in Fingal

Margaret Geraghty
Margaret Geraghty

The latest figures from Fingal County Council show that planning permission is in existence for almost 18,000 homes in the north county, comprising both houses and apartments, across 127 sites in the region.

Construction activity is already taking place on 72 sites in Fingal and this will deliver 12,213 houses, comprising 7,660 houses and 4,553 apartments, according to the council figures.

Some 36 of the active sites have planning permission for developments of less than 100 homes and 36 are developments in excess of 100 units.

A number of smaller sites around the county will deliver up to 200 further homes, the local authority figures show.

The number of active sites in Fingal has increased from 54 at the end of Quarter 2 2017 to 72 at the end of Quarter 2 this year.

The number of properties under construction has risen from 2,262, up 13.4% from 1,994 in the same time period.

There has been a 71.3% increase in the number of units completed and occupied in 12 month period to end Q2 2018 (1,758 units) compared to the 12 months to end Q2 2017 (1,026 units)

Fingal County Council's Director of Housing Margaret Geraghty said: 'Fingal County Council has been instrumental in rejuvenating private construction across the county by proactively working with developers.

At present there are 72 active private development sites which will deliver over 12,000 homes. This will make a significant contribution to our social housing through the delivery of Part V units.

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