Wednesday 24 January 2018

Over a thousand homes without water for 24 hours due to burst pipe

MORE than a thousand homes in some of the largest estates in Swords have once again been struck by water cuts for the third time this summer leading to calls for an urgent and long-term solution to the problem.

Homes in Ridgewood, Boroimhe and parts of River Valley were without water for 24 hours last week when a troublesome old water mains on Forest Road burst once again. It is the third time there have been problems on the line since May and water outages are becoming an all too regular occurrence in these large estates in the west of Swords. Cllr. Darragh Butler (FF), who lives in the area himself, said he intend to raise the issue once again at the next meeting of the Swords Area Committee when he will ask the council what plans are in place for a long-term solution to the problem. 'I assume it will be a massive job to do the whole road. In a way it is not the council's fault, it is just that the pipe is so old. But the Swords councillor added: 'People are being asked to pay the household charge and it really irks them when this happens. The most fundamental service we provide is water and people are being asked to do without it,' Cllr. Butler said. The Fianna Fáil councillor is particularly concerned that water cuts are hitting an area of Swords that is filled with homes with young families. The burst occurred on the large public water main on Forest Road on Thursday and repair work by council staff started that afternoon and continued through the night. Water was turned off in the affected estates at 7 p.m. and returned around 8 p.m. on the following evening. In the interim, the council arranged for water tankers to be provided at Tesco in Ridgewood, Boroimhe Shopping Centre and Forest Little Golf Club.

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