Tuesday 25 June 2019

Open Day down on Ward's Farm

Agri Aware's Open Farm Day took place on bank holiday Monday recently and Ward's farm in Fingal was the centre of attention in this region as it threw open its gates for all-comers.

This is the second year of the event which sees farms from across the country simultaneously opening their gates, the aim - to help educate consumers about what happens on a working farm and to encourage families to learn more about where our food comes from.

This national event aims to connect consumers directly with the primary producers of our food in a transparent and highly engaging way.

An Agri-Aware spokesperson said: 'We hope to open the lines of communication between farmers and the consumers of their products and develop a greater understanding about how the food we eat everyday gets to our tables.

'The nationwide events also allow people to experience what day to day life on a working farm involves and the measures farmers undertake to produce safe, quality food in a sustainable way.'

The Agri Aware Open Farm Day in Fingal took place on the Ward family farm run by Laurence and Denise Ward.

Located just 20km from the iconic Spire on O'Connell Street in the heart of rural Fingal, the farm is rich in history and tradition, the farm dates back as far as the 1200's.

Today, the Ward's operate a mixed enterprise farm system consisting of beef, sheep, tillage and some horses. They also operate a horticulture business producing pumpkins, courgettes, plums, apples and flowers.

Fingal Independent