Monday 23 July 2018

Odour works at Swords plant

Neighbours of the Swords Wastewater Treatment Plant were warned to expect a potentially smelly week, early last week when Irish Water informed local representatives of work it intended to carry out at the plant.

Cllr Darragh Butler (FF), Cllr Brian Dennehy (FF) and Cllr Justin Sinnott (NP) raised the issue of continuing odour problems from the plant back in April and Irish Water are taking new steps to address the issue.

However, the utility company warned there may be a few days last week when the situation got worse before it got better.

Cllr Butler informed residents of the development, saying: 'We have received the following update from Irish Water regarding works to replace odour media at Swords Wastewater Treatment Plant, which will commence on Tuesday (last Tuesday, June 26).'

He explained: 'Following complaints from residents, we have been raising this with Irish Water and we have complained that enough is enough, that this issue should have been resolved by now and that the residents shouldn't still have to keep windows closed, especially when we have such good weather.

'Hopefully this will resolve the issue once and for all but we will keep at them if not.'

The local representatives were informed of the work via an email from Irish Water which stated: 'Swords Wastewater Treatment Plant staff are changing the carbon media within the odour control units operating at Swords Wastewater Treatment Plant.

'During this essential work there may be an increase in odour from the plant for a number of days.'

The utility company explained: 'The works are due to start on Tuesday, June 26 and may take a few days to take effect.

'Staff at the plant will continue to apply deodorising mist around the site to reduce odour levels. Irish Water and Fingal County Council regrets any impact these works will have on the local community.'

Brendan Ryan, Labour TD for Dublin Fingal and Cllr Duncan Smith also called for Irish Water to resolve this ongoing odour issue from the plant, back in May.

Deputy Ryan said at that time: 'The residents in the immediate vicinity of the Waste Water Treatment Plan have a certain tolerance for odours caused from the Waste Water Treatment Plant but they have been living in an intolerable situation for months as works to mask the odour coming from the plant after the recent upgrade works have not had an effect.

'I have been working with Cllr Duncan Smith on this for weeks and I am seeking a commitment from irish Water to not only resolve the problem but to arrange a meeting with myself and residents at the plant to plot a better way forward for residents when it comes to the communication of work at the plant. In the first instance, measures need to be put in place to resolve the foul odour problem as residents cannot sit out in their garden. This cannot last through the summer.'

Fingal Independent