Monday 16 July 2018

O'Brien selected by Greens for election

Joe O'Brien
Joe O'Brien

John Manning

The Green Party is preparing early for the next General Election with the selection of local party representative, Joe O'Brien as the party's candidate in Dublin Fingal.

Joe O'Brien went up against constituency colleague, Mark Henry in the party's recent selection process and won the right to stand for the party in Dublin Fingal for the second time.

Joe O'Brien ran in his first General Election last year, the first General Election faced by the Green Party in Dublin Fingal since the retirement from politics of former leader and poll toper Trevor Sargent. O'Brien failed last year to bring back the seat that the Greens held via Sargent from 1992 to 2011.

However, speaking after the selection convention Mr. O'Brien said he was determined to win the seat back for the Greens, this time.

He said: 'Fingal needs progressive, hard-working representatives that are constructive and are not duped by empty spin that seems to be increasingly mistaken for good government.

'This Government which is effectively a Fine Gael and Fianna Fail coalition is a very stagnant one that largely unwilling and unable to tackle to big core issues that are facing the country and Fingal.'

Turning to one of the big issues in the constituency, that of housing and homelessness, Mr O'Brien said: 'It's the housing crisis that really has shown that this Government is incapable of making the decisions needed to bring the change we are all looking for. 'The 'Rebuilding Ireland' plan is already proving to be wholly inadequate, but it is reflective of a Government that has made a clear policy decision and choice when it comes to the housing and homelessness crisis.'

Mr O'Brien said: 'This Government has left the housing and homelessness crisis largely to the markets in an unacceptable 'wait and see approach', which is primarily benefiting developers.

'This is not the only approach and is not an acceptable approach when the lives of thousands of children are being damaged for a longer and longer period of time as this crisis grows ever longer and ever larger.'

Addressing the local voter, he added: 'It is very difficult for people in Fingal to have faith in Government when they continue to see the same mistakes being made over and over again.'

The Green Party candidate concluded: 'The Green Party is growing again, and our three parliamentarians have seriously punched above their weight.

'With minority government and coalition government the reality for the foreseeable future the Green Party is in an increasingly strong position to be a positive and progressive influence in the direction the country needs to go.

'I commit to being a tireless and progressive voice for Dublin Fingal and a representative that will not be sucked in by the spin and complacency of this Government.'

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