Wednesday 16 October 2019

O'Brien bids to return Fingal Dáil seat to the Green Party

Cllr Joe O'Brien (GP)
Cllr Joe O'Brien (GP)

A party meeting last week at the Carnegie Court Hotel in Swords saw the confirmation of Cllr. Joe O'Brien as the Green Party Candidate for the upcoming By-Election in Dublin Fingal.

Speaking after the meeting of the local group Cllr. O'Brien stated: 'I want to offer the people of Dublin Fingal something different as their TD. I am particularly interested in representing the young people of Dublin Fingal who will be most impacted by the growing issue of climate change, and those who cannot vote yet.

'I would also appeal to parents and grandparents across the constituency to consider voting a different way this time and vote for a more positive and hopeful future for current and future generations.

'But primarily I will be asking people to vote for action and real change.'

Cllr O'Brien said: 'It's clear what we need to do now in terms of climate change and we need politicians with the courage and vision to make these changes.

'What is most frustrating about government for some years now is that the changes we need to make are ones that will improve all our lives immediately, yet the inaction has been inexcusable.

'For example we need a fundamental cultural shift in how government views public transport and this is especially relevant to Dublin Fingal. We need top quality public transport options, including a greenway network, that will attract people out of their cars and provide people with a better quality of life overall.'

The Green Party candidate said: 'There is a lot of necessary house building going on in Dublin Fingal but we also need to work on building communities too - transport interconnection is key here too but also putting facilities in place with the housing - such as schools, green spaces, childcare and community centres. There are still far too many areas in Dublin Fingal where we are playing catch up in this regard.'

He concluded: 'At the By-Election the people will have the option of choosing an additional TD from the four larger parties or they will have the option of adding much more value to their set of public representatives by bringing Green representation and action back to Dublin Fingal. I am hoping to shake things and I would invite people from all perspectives in supporting and joining what I hope will be a successful campaign.

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