Friday 14 December 2018

Number of 'ghost estates' has fallen dramatically

Minister Damien English.
Minister Damien English.

The number of unfinished or 'ghost' estates in Fingal is down to just six from 48 just five years ago, according to a new Government study.

Minister for Housing and Urban Development Damien English published the sixth annual progress report and seventh housing survey on tackling the issue of unfinished housing developments.

Overall, the study reveals a 91% reduction in the unfinished developments since 2010 from almost 3,000 to 256. From 2013, the report shows the figures broken down by local authority area and shows the number of ghost estates, under the Government's definition of an unfinished housing development, were 48 in Fingal in 2013 and were down to just six in 2017. In all six cases in Fingal, the unfinished estates are at least partially occupied.

The report shows huge progress across the country but the job is still short of completion with only four local authorities reporting no unfinished estates in their area.

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