Monday 16 September 2019

Nora hits a century with a birthday party at Newpark

Naul woman says a 'drop of honey in your porridge' is the secret

Ken Phelan

It was celebrations all around at Newpark Care Centre in The Ward recently, as newly crowned centenarian Nora Duffy from Naul celebrated her 100th birthday with family, friends and staff.

Nora, better known to her family as 'Josie', was born in Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan on July 22 1919.

Nora married sweetheart Bernard Duffy in 1945, when, in true rural tradition, she arrived to her new home in the Naul by stylish tractor.

Pamela Rothwell, Activities Manager at Newpark Care Centre, spoke of Nora's 100th birthday celebrations: 'It was excellent, she seemed to really enjoy herself, family and friends from all over Ireland and around the world came to join her, so she had a great day.

'She was obviously tired after it but she really enjoyed herself.

'We had some music then she had her birthday cake of course.

'They made her two different types of cake, and everybody sang Happy Birthday to her and all the residents gathered in our main dining room and sang happy birthday and the staff were there as well congratulating her.'

Pamela added: ''She was very happy, she was surprised even though she knew it was happening. I don't think she was expecting such a big party for her.'

Mother of nine children, Nora, in her time played an important role in the Naul Gild of the ICA, of which she was a founding member.

Pamela said: 'Nora is very easy-going, independent, and strong-willed; If there's a problem or a challenge she's always up for it. She'd have a good few friends in here and they'd all be socialising together.

'Nora would be involved in all the activities, she's into craftwork, quizzes and music. Up until recently she'd also do exercises in the morning.

'She seems to like it here and she's happy to have someone looking after her all the time.

'She does say she's very lucky to have so many people caring for her. Her family are very good and they would visit a lot.'

When asked of the secret of longevity, Nora said: 'Hard work, good family, soap and water, and a drop of honey in my porridge every day.'

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