Sunday 19 May 2019

Noisy neighbour created 'living hell' for residents

Nicola Donnelly

A woman who has been keeping her neighbours awake at night with loud noises that sound like marbles being dropped in her apartment and furniture being moved in what a judge called a 'living hell' for the local residents has been warned if she continues with the disruptive noise she will face prison.

Richard Corr, of Hamilton Way in Balbriggan took civil action against his noisy neighbour, Catherine Swords, because of the constant noise for the past nine years. However, Ms Swords claimed it is her neighbours making the noise as 'they have military equipment' and are sabotaging everything on her.

Mr Corr claimed Ms Swords is ;constantly banging, shouting and smashing things around her apartment at all hours of the night'.

'There is constant banging, shouting and smashing at all hours of the night,' he said, claiming he has recordings of the noise.

He said he has two young children who cannot sleep at night because the noise 'gets worse then'.

He said he tried to talk to Ms Swords but she shouts abuse to him through her audio system on her door.

'The gardai have been called numerous times but she never answers the door and screams and shouts from her balcony,' he said,

He said if he had money he and his family would be long gone from the apartment.

Another neighbour told the court that her young son has sensory issues and is 'overloaded with the constant noise from Ms Swords apartment.

'The noise sounds like marbles being rolled across the floor and furniture being dragged along the floor,' the neighbour said.

However, Ms Swords claimed her neighbours, including Mr Corr, 'are profoundly mentally ill' and that they 'have military equipment' that they are moving around and terrorised her into taking medicine.'

'They have military equipment and everything is sabotaged. They are torturing me and I have to increase the radio noise as I don't know what the noise is. I was told it's military equipment,' she said.

She also claimed she is trying to get her neighbours psychoanalysed and that she has been 'psychologically damaged by them'.

She claimed she is not dragging furniture and not dropping marbles on the ground 'but they may have fallen accidentally'.

After hearing the evidence, Judge Dermot Dempsey found her neighbours had proven the case and said 'all her neighbours are in a living hell'.

He ordered Ms Swords to comply with Section 108 (3) of the Environment Protection Act. Ms Swords gave the undertaking that she won't make noise anymore.

'I am trying to get out of the apartment. I have another year to go. I won't survive there. They are all mentally ill,' she claimed.

Warning Ms Swords to comply with the order, Judge Dempsey said 'If you don't comply you will face imprisonment'.

'Any further breaches and it will be custody you are facing,' the judge warned Ms Swords.

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