Monday 14 October 2019

Newman calls for bye-laws meeting to find compromise

Cllr Joe Newman (NP)
Cllr Joe Newman (NP)

A Swords councillor is calling on the chief executive of Fingal County council to convene a special meeting 'to find common ground' between the different factions in the ongoing controversy over restrictions to off-leash dog walking in our public parks.

Cllr Joe Newman (NP0 attended a meeting of the Fingal Dog Owners Group in the Carnegie Cour recently and said he was 'very taken by the turnout and the passion of the dog owners group'.

The group wants changes to the bye-laws that they say are restrictive to their dogs and affect them negatively.

Cllr Newman said he also previously received equally 'strong, passionate and worthy representation' from people who support the requirement to have dogs on leash in Public Parks.

'It is clear that there appears to be a lack of appreciation of each other's requirements between these groups,' he said.

Cllr Newman is now calling on Paul Reid, the Chief Executive of Fingal County Council to convene a meeting with council officials and the different park user groups including dog wardens and park wardens.

He said that such a meeting will be to 'hear the views of all the groups who use our parks to find common ground with a view to finding a solution that suits all park users'.

Cllr Newman said: 'It must be remembered that local councillors are public representatives who are elected to represent all sections of the community, it is therefore important that they are fully informed of all of the issues that concern their constituents. It is not the job of a councillor to side with any particular group but to work to find a solution for all concerned.

Councillor Newman said: 'I have spent a lot of time trying to understand and appreciate all the issues of concerns to residents around the new bye-laws and I am willing to chair the group meeting I have called on the Chief Executive to convene.'

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