Sunday 22 April 2018

New noise control regime won't delay runway

The establishment of a new noise regime at Dublin Airport has still not happened.
The establishment of a new noise regime at Dublin Airport has still not happened.

The Minister for Transport is adamant that the delivery of Dublin Airport's new runway will not be delayed despite more than a year's delay in establishing a new noise control regime for airports that will ultimately decide the fate of night-time flying from the new runway.

A planning condition attached to the new runway restricting night-time flying is being challenged by the daa but neighbours of the airport want the condition to stay in place. Thanks to a new noise control regime for Irish Airports, it will be the Irish Aviation Authority that will decide between those two competing interests but a year down the track, the Government appears no closer to giving the IAA that power.

Minister for Transport, Shane Ross was quizzed on the issue last week in the Dáil by Deputy Robert Troy TD, who said: 'The lack of progress on this is having a huge impact. Dublin Airport is at capacity. It will have severe negative economic impact on the wider area.'

The Government has been seeking legal advice on how best to introduce the new regime and according to the Minister for Transport, that remains the case. He said: 'I regret enormously but it is very important that we get it right. We are dependent on legal advice wherever it is coming from but mostly from the Attorney General's office. We will take that legal advice. What is important to hear is that we get it right.'

Minister Ross said the long delayed process would not knock the runway off schedule, saying: 'That route is slower than we expected but it will be finalised in good time so that the timetable is not in any way knocked.'

The minister said that once the new regime is in place, residents would have their say. He told the Dáil that 'the residents have a real interest in this issue as well and they have a right to a hearing'.

He added that residents 'have a right to a certain tranquility and not to be disrupted too much by airlines. That is why we will have a noise regulator.'

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