Thursday 18 January 2018

New book out for local history fans

THE LATEST instalment in the inspiring story of Skerries is now document in a must-have new book which was launched in the town last week.

The eight edition of the ' Tide and Time' series, compiled by Skerries Historical Society, is based on nine local history papers presented at meetings between 1978 and 2011. Former Green Party leader and Dublin North Trevor Sargent was on hand to do the honours at the Blue Bar, which attracted a lively audience to mark the occasion.

The new edition deals with all aspects of daily life over more than two centuries, and the reader cannot but be impressed by the high quality photographic reproductions which bring such life and vibrancy to its contents. Particularly intriguing to the reader is the story and photos of the 1940s local defence force organisation, parades and manoeuvres. The story of how public houses provided a vital social lubricant for the community down the years is a well researched paper.

The book also features personal recollections of school time, sport and life in Skerries during the 1940s and 50s which eloquently evoke the spirit of a bygone age. A description of the emergence from 1887 of the Jubilee and Dudley nurses to their present district care format is a gem to read. The long tradition from 1833 of the Lifeboat movement is charted and the exciting photography taken in Skerries excellently reflects its history and events.

A section covering the motorcycle race events through Skerries from 1946 onwards provide us with some unique photographs taken in the town. Bus transport service starting from 1926 and its initial GNRI associations is another thumping good read to be recommended to all who maybe today take public transport for granted. The rise and development of Scoil Realt Na Mara beginning in 1978 is eloquently described and highlights its unique contribution to helping service the expanding town and increasing school-going population - that continues today. And most poignant is the personal description and photographs of Annie Hand's Tea Shop dating from the 1930s - which shows that our 'new' cafe culture in the town is not actually that new at all.

Praise in particular is due to the work of the writers without whose efforts this book would simply not be available for posterity. Credit is due also to those Society members who gave of their time to collate, edit and nurture it's gestation from the source material into this fine quality volume. Supported by Fingal Co Council Libraries Department, of great historical value, this book presents a unique combination of personal recollections which were painstakingly researched; contains superb photographic reproductions and provides accessible articles of immense interest which are so relevant to the changes which still proceed apace in Skerries today. Copies of Time & Tide 8 can be obtained at shops locally (Price €15) or simply by ordering by email from

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