Wednesday 23 January 2019

NBRU boss highly critical of route proposals

The secretary general of the bus driver's union (NBRU) has savaged the new proposals to change Dublin Bus routes, saying that the National Transport Authority (NTA) has simply got the plan 'wrong'.

The NBRU secretary general, Dermot O'Leary told the Oireachtas Committee on Transport that 'the NTA have got the BusConnects plan wrong in its attempts to correct perceived problems in the Dublin Bus network'.

Anger is bubbling up in communities across Fingal at the proposals which will rob may of our towns of a direct bus service to the city centre, and instead take them to a feeder service from Swords and elsewhere.

Hinting at the groundswell of opposition to the plan that is happening in communities like these, Mr O'Leary said: 'First and foremost, members, as professional politicians, should not underestimate the reaction that will ensue from local communities should the plan, as announced, become a reality. No direct buses, isolated communities, and a necessity to use multiple buses to reach destinations that are currently served by one direct bus, are just some of the issues that will play out over the coming weeks and months.'

Mr O'Leary said he worried that the glossy presentation of the plan was hiding 'the devil in the detail'.

He warned that the voices of people who depend on the Dublin Bus Service needs to be listened to, saying: 'Dismiss the anger from those in society who depend on buses at one's peril.'

But the CEO of the NTA, Anne Graham told the same Oireachtas Committee that the changes to the routes will actually bring more people closer to their nearest bus service and that the interchange between routes will be managed to minimise the distance between them.

She said the NTA's objective was to 'minimise the distance between the interchange from one service to another. Many of the services will interchange at the same stop'.

Fingal Independent