Thursday 13 December 2018

Naul villagers meet to discuss road safety

The path leading from the village to Naul NS.
The path leading from the village to Naul NS.

John Manning

The campaign for better road safety in and around Naul Village took a major step forward last week as villagers met over the issue, brought to together by Naul Community Council and concerned residents like a local woman whose son was knocked down in the village.

It was not the only incident in recent times in and around the village and there are a number of the trouble spots that residents want addressed as a matter of urgency. Ian Lennon, a local resident who has also joined the campaign said there are a number of road safety concerns around Naul Village.

He said: 'We have poor infrastructure in and around the village with regards to footpaths and pedestrian access.' Mr Lennon added: 'There are areas in the village with sub-standard footpaths such as the narrow path from the village up the hill to Naul NS.  'This path is heavily used by schoolchildren twice daily as there are not enough parking spaces at the school. 

'Children are forced to walk up and down a narrow path which can be extremely slippy with water flowing down it during the winter.  'This is of concern as there are trucks, HGVs and other traffic speeding down the sleep incline of the hill. It is treacherous and traffic calming measures are badly needed here.'

He added: 'There is also need for a footpath to be built from the school at the top of the hill to the Hynestown junction, further up the road as there is no safe pedestrian access to the village along this road.'

The Naul resident explained: 'Another issue is the lack of a continuous footpath from the village to Clann Mhuire GAA club located 400m from the village centre.

'This is a facility which is used seven days a week by people of all ages from young to old in the village and the surrounding area.'  He added: 'The GAA grounds and facilities here have been open for 14 years this June and to date there is no full continuous path from the village to the grounds.

'Children and people of all ages have been forced to walk along this busy stretch of road where the path ends at the Old Mill and along the road here to the entrance of the grounds, at their own risk for the past number of years.'

Fingal Independent