Sunday 25 February 2018

More than 6,800 on the housing list for Swords

The numbers on the Swords housing list have surpassed 6,800 applicants
The numbers on the Swords housing list have surpassed 6,800 applicants

John Manning

There are over 6,800 applicants on the social housing waiting lists for the Swords electoral area alone, according to new figures released by the council to a Social Democrat councillor.

The Swords electoral area includes the Donabate and Portrane peninsula and according to the council figures, released to Cllr Paul Mulville (SD), there are now 6,822 applicants waiting for homes in the area.

Paul Mulville, Social Democrats councillor for the Swords local electoral area, has again expressed his serious concern about the great many people on the housing waiting list in the Swords electoral area, which includes Donabate and Portrane, when he said 'houses in public ownership are being left vacant'.

Cllr Mulville said: 'The council's housing department has confirmed that there are currently a total of 6,822 housing applicants on the waiting list for the Swords area, which included Donabate and Portrane, as of this week, which is a matter of serious concern.'

Detailing the figures further, Cllr Mulville explained: 'The housing department has stated that a total of 6,822 applicants have indicated Swords as one of their housing areas. The following is a breakdown of the bedroom requirement for Swords applicants: one bedroom accommodation 1,751; two bed 2,699; three bed 1,998, and four bed 374, giving a total of 6,822.'

The Social Democrat councillor added: 'The housing department has further stated that it should be noted, that in accordance with the Housing Allocations Scheme, an applicant may select up to three housing areas, therefore of the aforementioned number of 6,822 of applicants, some will also have expressed an interest is seeking other housing areas.'

Cllr Mulville said: 'Given the fact that so many people are on the housing waiting list, it is a disgrace that there are empty homes in public ownership left idle.

'For example, the Health Service Executive owns a number of homes in Portrane which are vacant, some boarded up for many years and some only left empty this short while.

'Families from the Donabate Portrane area who are on the housing waiting list cannot understand why the HSE will not allow people live in these homes which are in public ownership, and which are within the architectural conservation area at St. Ita's Portrane.'

The peninsula councillor concluded: 'I have raised this matter directly with the Minister for Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, and the Minister Health, but to no avail.

'The fact that these houses are being left to rot is an absolute scandal.'

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