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MetroLink cannot be shelved says TD


MetroLink plans must not be shelved

MetroLink plans must not be shelved

MetroLink plans must not be shelved

Labour Party TD for Dublin Fingal, Duncan Smith, has said long-term transport projects such as MetroLink should not be taken off the table amid the current crisis.

Deputy Smith said: 'It's important at this time to ensure long-term investment in environmentally sound transport projects such as MetroLink remain on the table.

'This is vital for not only the transport in the Greater Dublin Area but for sustaining high-quality jobs across Dublin.

'MetroLink is going to be a game-changer for those who live and work near Dublin Airport and in and around the M1 corridor.'

The Labour TD was reacting to a call from the National Bus and Rail Workers Union (NBRU) to shelve the project.

He said: 'I understand the concerns of the NBRU in terms of transport companies needing a cash injection now to deal with a fall in passenger numbers due to Covid-19 but calling for long-term projects that will benefit commuters and transport companies in the long run to be axed isn't the answer here.

'The people of North County Dublin have waited long enough for a project like MetroLink to commence. People who live on the M1 Corridor and in and around Dublin Airport need an alternative to road-traffic. Commuters and transport operators know this, that's why today's calls for MetroLink to be scrapped by those who are very aware of the problems that exist in Dublin Fingal are particularly disappointing.'

Swords Labour councillor James Humphreys agreed and said he is concerned by the recent calls by the NBRU for the Dublin MetroLink project to be scrapped because of the coronavirus crisis.

He said: 'The Metrolink and improved public transportation is essential for the rapidly growing outer suburban towns, especially Swords, that is already straining from demands placed on our current infrastructure.

'Despite this pandemic we cannot lose focus on our efforts to combat Climate Change and the MetroLink will encourage residents of Swords and beyond, to take public transportation.

'Anybody who has stood queuing for a bus or stuck in a traffic-jam traveling from North Dublin into the City Centre is aware MetroLink is already long overdue.'

Cllr Humphreys concluded: 'Swords, with a population of over 45,000, and in the medium term rising to 60,000 and in the long term projected to be 100,000 needs a reliable, sufficient and adequate public transportation system to limit use of cars, reduce the already too long commute, and continue to make Swords an attractive place to live and work.'

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