Wednesday 16 October 2019

Meeting called on erosion

The Portrane Coastal Erosion Group who were formed to shine a light on the dangers of further coastal erosion at the Burrow, called an emergency meeting to discuss the latest destruction of the coastline due to Storm Emma.

The further ravaging of the coastline over the weekend has shocked locals who are witnessing some of their neighbours inch closer to disaster as the sea threatens to take their homes.

The group has been highly critical of the Government and council response to the crisis and have appealed for locals to join their campaign in numbers to tackle the emergency situation which now faces the residents of The Burrow.

The group say that the sandbags supplied by the council over the weekend are not enough to keep the sea back and they are calling for immediate and dramatic action to halt erosion at the Burrow and save the homes that are now inching towards the edge of the cliff.

Fingal Independent