Monday 15 October 2018

Mayor calls for a road safety report

Review demanded in Knocksedan after arrival of bus service

Cllr Darragh Butler
Cllr Darragh Butler

John Manning

The Mayor of Fingal has called for a safety review of a stretch of road around Knocksedan in Swords following the long-awaited arrival of a bus to the area.

Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) called on the council to 'urgently investigate traffic safety along the stretch of road from the Naul Road/R108 roundabout, with the Knocksedan bus stop thankfully now finally in place and in use and with Swords Express using this route to go between their depot and the Swords Manor terminus, including the junction with Cooks Road, towards Knocksedan and including the junction with the L2030 and in particular, the stretch of the L2030 up to and including the two roundabouts at Park View heading towards Brackenstown Village.'

Cllr Butler asked the council to 'ensure that this entire stretch of road is made as safe as possible for buses, coaches, cars, pedestrians and cyclists and to consider options that may be required to achieve this'.

In response, the council's traffic section issued a detailed report which first explains the current lay-out of the road: 'The L2030 is approximately 5.0m in width, has a continuous white centre line to prevent overtaking and has a speed limit of 80km/h. There are yield signs and yield road markings at the junction with the R108. On the approach to the roundabouts at the western end of the L2030 there is a roundabout ahead sign W 043 and yield markings on all approaches to the roundabouts at this location. The section of the R108 from the Junction of the L2030 to Cooks Lane is approximately 7.0m in width with an 80km/h speed limit. This road has a continuous white line to prevent overtaking. There are chevron signs on the approaches to and through the bends with bad bends ahead sign W 063L and W063R and sharp bend ahead W 016L and W 016R also provided on the approaches to the bends. There is also a right turn pocket at the entrance to the Knocksedan estate to prevent traffic congestion and possible accidents due to traffic turning right.'

In terms of the safety of the road, the council states: 'A review of the collision statistics from the Road Safety Authority since 2005 does not show any fatal or serious accidents on the L2030 or the R108. The statistics shows two minor accidents in 2005, one in 2007, one in 2008, two in 2011 and one in 2013. There are no plans to provide additional signage, road marking or reduce the speed limit on the L2030 or R108. The L2030 has a footpath over part of its length. To extend the footpath on the L2030 and provide a footpath on the R108 would require the acquisition of land. There is no budget available for the acquisition of land for which there is no funding presently available.'

The council said a road safety working group established this year would look at this road and others around the county and help to improve road safety through education, engineering and enforcement measures.

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