Tuesday 17 September 2019

Man damaged car with a knife

Nicola Donnelly

A man who claimed he and his wife were victims of assault by teens caused damage to another man's car when he fell against it while carrying a knife.

Piotr Bojdol (46) claimed he had the knife for his own safety and did not set out to damage the car that night.

He claimed he had several drinks and fell onto the car bonnet causing a dent and a scratch.

The defendant, of Main Street, Applewood in Swords pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage and being in possession of a knife at Jugback Terrace on July 26.

Sergeant Terri Ferguson gave evidence that at 10.55pm gardai received a call that a man was carrying a knife and banged into another male's car resulting in a dent and a scrape on the bonnet.

'The car owner followed the man with the knife to Applewood and he was arrested. He was found to have had a knife in his pocket and he had no reason for having it,' said Sgt Ferguson.

Defence solicitor Fiona D'Arcy said the defendant went back to the car owner to offer to pay for the damage.

'He and his partner have been the victims of assaults recently. Their home has been set upon by youths throwing eggs. The teens tried to throw a wheel brace at them too,' said Ms D'Arcy.

'He had the knife for his own safety and did not set out to damage the car or hurt anyone,' she said, adding that the defendant had finished work that day and went for a few drinks.

'He can't remember the incident but believes he fell into the car in his drunken state, said Ms D'Arcy.

She said the defendant has €300 with him to give to the injured party.

Judge Dermot Dempsey ordered the money be paid to the injured party and applied Section 1.1 of the Probation Act.

Fingal Independent