Sunday 17 December 2017

Lusk riding on the crest of a wave


FRESH from improving its score in the Tidy Towns competition, Lusk has been named as the best presented town in Fingal in this year's Cleaner Communities Awards.

The endeavour and industry shown by members of Lusk Tidy Towns and the residents of the town has once again paid off with the picturesque town adding the prestigious local award to its national success.

Pat Kelly from Lusk Tidy Towns said that being named the best presented town in the cleaner community awards was 'amazing' and she was proud that the council had made a point of congratulating volunteers in the town for the huge effort they had put into presenting the town this year. 'Winning the best presented town was absolutely marvellous for us and there was a lot of effort put in this year,' Pat told the Fingal Independent.

Two other prizes also went to Lusk in the Cleaner Community Awards this year. The town is particularly proud when Clay Cottage won top prize in the best presented thatched cottage category. Pat said: 'Anthony Rogan lives in the cottage and does an awful lot of work on it and he deserves a lot of credit.' One of three awards for the best presented front gardens in the county went to Sarah and Michael Sweetman, The Country Gardens, Lusk, which meant that the town took a trio of awards on the night. Pat Kelly summed up, saying: 'We have pride of place in where we live here in Lusk and we are proud of the town.'

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