Wednesday 23 October 2019

Loughshinny lessons in life

Aidan MacNally
Aidan MacNally

Ken Phelan

A Loughshinny author, through his self-help book 'Layman's Handbook in Life - A Journey to Self' hopes to bring self-acceptance and contentment to readers, something which he himself has struggled to attain.

Aidan MacNally decided to write 'Layman's Handbook in Life - A Journey to Self' after years of personal turmoil following the tragic death of both his sons.

After seemingly insurmountable loss, Aidan gradually picked up the pieces of his life and took the first tentative steps towards a new beginning.

His new and fourth book was written to help others struggling with the daily trials of life, with an aim to help others achieve personal fulfilment.

Speaking in the run-up to the online launch of his book next month, Aidan explains how 'Layman's Handbook in Life - A Journey to Self' came to fruition: 'I realised there was kind of a need for something for people to say, well, is there any tools I can use to help me through what I'm going through.

'So I'm trying to explain in it techniques like breathing and meditation and words, and how we speak to ourselves.

'It's getting things along the positive reinforcement to self and creating a positive mindset, and using these tools to realise that life can be tough but it's not that bad.'

The Loughshinny author added: 'The target audience is anyone that's living really, there's day-to-day struggles in everyday things, be it a work scenario or be it with friends, or having a personal situation where you have to face the public... so it's really just about trying to get in touch and become self-aware.'

Although Aidan had been working on the book since December 2018, he has, he says, been working on it 'all my life', with the book drawing from tools he has used to overcome his own personal difficulties.

The book then, is a testament to a man who has managed to re-invent himself and find a degree of contentment against all odds, a human capacity for which he wished to impart in his book.

He says: 'I'd gone through life and I'd lost my children, so I was asking myself 'how many times do I have to re-invent myself?, how many times do I have to pick myself up', and I came to a realisation that all my questions can only be answered by myself.

'A lot of people are searching for something to give them a direction, they'll sign up to anything these days to think that someone's going to give them a magic formula...I'm putting it in words that 'you're not wrong', 'there's nothing wrong with you', 'you're not abnormal because your mind is racing', and that locking yourself in isolation and these things are bringing you down.

'Your own mind has the power to bring you down, therefore your own mind has the power to bring you back up.'

'Layman's Handbook in Life - A Journey to Self' launches online on Amazon on October 10, with the book launch on November 16 at Ardgillan Castle, Skerries.

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