Friday 19 April 2019

Locals invited to shape Balbriggan

John Manning

The future of Balbriggan is set to be transformed through a €20million-plus rejuvenation plan - an ambitious new vision for the town, which will be shaped by the views of its residents.

Over the next few years Balbriggan has the chance to develop into a seaside town with fantastic amenities that will provide a sustainable future for its population and local residents are being asked to take part in an 'Our Balbriggan' survey on which will shape the order of priorities for a list of improvements to transform the town.

A Balbriggan leadership group, chaired by Professor Brian MacCraith, President, Dublin City University, was established earlier in the year to prepare ambitious plans for the area with actions that can be delivered upon.

'In a few years' time the centre of the town will have been transformed with public amenities flowing from the River Bracken and the Millpond Park through Quay Street down to a completely re-imagined Harbour which will be the envy of the country,' said Prof MacCraith.

'The transformation is already beginning, with free town centre Wi-Fi, a new Skate Park and Heritage Trail just a few of the initiatives due to be unveiled in a short period of time.'

He added: 'Real money is being put behind a comprehensive rejuvenation scheme for the area - and the Our Balbriggan survey will allow the people of the town to have a say in prioritising a range of improvements.

At the moment, this town is missing a heart - a properly functioning town centre. This whole initiative is about creating an ambitious and prosperous future for Balbriggan that builds on all of its strong points - the physical assets, its fabulous beach, its location and its diverse and rapidly-growing talent base. By understanding the connectivity of all these assets in a smart way you can totally transform a town.'

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