Friday 27 April 2018

Light at the end of the tunnel for Lusk school development

A long and frustrating delay in building phase two of a Lusk school appears to be nearing an end with news that a letter of acceptance green lighting the development is finally being issued by the Department of Skills.

Continuing delays in the project brought parents onto the streets in protest but according to Deputy Alan Farrell, TD, the development will no go ahead.

He said: 'Many members of the school community, and local residents, have been understandably annoyed by the delays which occurred with regard to the ongoing development of Lusk Community College. The Letter of Intent had recently been issued to the preferred bidder following the tender process, and now the issuing of the Letter of Acceptance signifies that this project is continuing to advance, with construction due to commence in the coming months.

"While the local community has, unfortunately, had a longer wait than originally anticipated for phase 2 of Lusk Community College to be completed, I am pleased that we are finally seeing progress being made.'

Fingal Independent