Tuesday 23 April 2019

LEADER launch rural initiative

Fingal LEADER Partnership have a new scheme in place that will be good news for the farming and fishing communities in north Fingal.

Fingal LEADER Partnership has just been allocated six places under the Rural Social Scheme (RSS), aimed at the farming and fishing communities.

This is a first for Dublin county and provides opportunities for low income farming and fishing families to receive income support by using their skills to provide certain services that benefit rural communities.

The scheme provides for farmer and fishing friendly part-time work in the participant's locality at times that does not interfere with farming and fishing activities.

The minimum weekly payment under the scheme is €220.50.

The spouse, civil partner, cohabitant, child or sibling of the farmer or fisherman can work on the scheme for 19.5 hours per week if the farmer or fisherman does not wish to take part directly.

The kind of work involved includes energy conservation work for elderly or people with disabilities in the local area.

Participants can also engage in village and countryside enhancement projects

Environmental maintenance work including the maintenance and care-taking of community and sporting facilities can also be undertake under the scheme.

Participants can also engage in activities relating to community administration and clerical duties.

Fingal LEADER Partnership was formed in 2008 with the amalgamation of Co-operation Fingal and Rural Dublin LEADER Company.

In this time Fingal LEADER Partnership has delivered a wide range of European and National programmes such as LEADER 2007-2013, LCDP, TÚS Community Policing, FAS LTI Training, Jobs Club, Care & Repair, Youth Mental Health Programme, Friends of ADHD Programme, to great success.

Fingal LEADER Partnership is managed by a Board made up of representatives from national social partners, community & voluntary sectors, and statutory sectors.

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